Inca Trail
태양의 길을 걷는 모험

Our authorization to operate this trek

Only authorized agencies can book and operate the Inca Trail trek. The authorization is issued every year for 1 year to certain agencies that must prove their ability to operate and do the Inca Trail. The only real guarantee you have when choosing an agency is that the agency is authorized by the Peruvian Government. The Peruvian Government from its official website lists all authorized Agencies. All authorized agencies are listed on that page and all unauthorized agencies are not listed. Whether you choose to do your Inca Trail trek with us or another agency, you must absolutely do it with an authorized agency.

About our website

Our Agency IPT is Peruvian. It is registered with the RUC (Public Register Number) 20600652461. It is authorized by the Ministry of Culture under the number AUT00080. We are an authorized Tour Operator since 2003. Every year since 2003 our Agency has successfully renewed its authorisation for the following year. We would like to clarify that accreditation is not a simple formality. To be authorized, an agency must justify that it has the economic, human and material means to operate, that it has sufficient and competent staff (who must also be authorized) and finally an inspection takes place to verify that the equipment and security conditions are respected. Without failing once, our agency has been able to guarantee all this for 15 years!

Check our organization

There is only one way to check whether any agency is legitimate or not. That is, whether it is authorized by the Peruvian Government (Ministry of Culture) or not. We insist that non-listed agencies are not allowed.

You can check for yourself that our Agency IPT is authorized. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Ministry of Culture website: (notice that suffix means Government / Peru).
  2. Click in the menu CONSULTAS 1 (Consultation), then Agencias 2 (Agencies).
  3. Enter in the field Buscar 3 (Search) our Agency by its code AUT00080. Our Agency appears on the list.